The Power Behind Greatness

Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, comedy shows


Born: Tehran, Iran.   Been living in City of Angeles since mid 80s

Favorite Food: Too many to choose from


Favorite Music: 80s


Favorite Movie: Love the oldies and classics, but have not seen them all

Kobi Julian

Hobbies: Sport Shopping:  ordering things online (in bulk), trying them on then RETURNING most ! 

Born: Newark, New Jersey

Favorite Food: Too many to choose from

Favorite Music:  Reggae, Dancehall 90s Hip Hop/Rap, NewWave

Favorite Movie:  Shape of Water

Jessica Moran

Hobbies:  Love to Build, Jack of all Traits, DIY Specialist, AA's star handyman

Born: San Fracisco, CA

Favorite Food: Too many to choose from

Favorite Music: 90s Hip Hop 

Favorite Movie: Avatar

Sean Moran


Hobbies:  Hiking, swimming, working out

Born: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Food:  Asian cuisine

Favorite Music: Salsa/ Latin Jazz, blues

Favorite Movie: It's a wonderful Life.

Jose Ortega

Valerie Remy-Milora




Favorite Food:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Movie: