We at Artistic Athletics are proud of our unique and diverse programs and we believe that in everyone of us there's an ARTIST and an ATHLETE  awaiting to breakout.

We defiantly have a program that suits your needs and caters for all ages, gender, fitness level and culture.

These programs are:


  • Athletic 45 (A45) -  High intense interval group training program, perfect program to get back into shape

  • Capoeira - Channel your Artistic flow with the graceful fluid Brazilian Martial Arts

  • Kajukenbo - Bring out your inner self defense skills with this unique and effective Hawaiian Martial Arts  

Our trainers take pride in helping you achieve your goal and most important you'll be in safe hands with these professional experts of their fields.

There is an Athlete in you, unleash it Artistically!

If you need more information feel free to call us, email us  or come and visit us.