Sometimes no matter how important your goals are to you, its a struggle to bring your best effort to your gym sessions. But whether you are trying to lose weight, train for a race, keep your stress in check , or any other worth while reasons to make fitness part of your life, I, Kobi Julian have the answer to all of your fitness challenges. A mother of 3 teenagers and an entrepreneur, I have perfected the ideal system to help you achieve your fitness goals.
My mission is to empower families through fitness, self care, self defense, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. 
An amazing and qualified team of trainers (click here) are here to cheer you on, to push you a little harder, to encourage you, to answer your questions, and make you feel great.  I promise when you walk into Artistic Athletics, you will feel loved, and when you leave, you feel stronger.
There is an Athlete within all of us and I have the tools to unleash it Artistically.  Our fitness classes are 45 minutes of fast, fun, functional, motivating, inspiring, interval training that gives you the feeling of accomplishment .  We are all busy, however, fitness should be the most important part of our daily routine.  
Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going .
Find out how I have created the perfect fitness program and how you can get from FIT to Phenomenal. 
Kobi Julian
Founder and CEO